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Poisonous Hemlock Found In HOA
Posted on Jul 27, 2021
The HOA Board was notified by the Township that we had what could be poisonous Hemlock in the field towards the golf course.  The Board has been working with Penn State’s Extension office and have today confirmed that we do indeed have this invasive weed on the property.  This weed will kill humans and animals if ingested in small amounts, per the attached links from Ohio State University and Penn State University.  Do not touch the weeds either because getting the plant's oil on your hands and transferring it to your eyes, nose or mouth will also lead to poisoning. 
An additional area to the east of Alex Ct. running along the access road for the nature trail also has poisonous Hemlock but no other areas were found on the HOA property.  The Board has put up caution tape around the known areas.  We ask that everyone stay away from these areas as we work to have the plants removed.  Because the Board is just starting to work through this we do not have a lot of information yet but updates will be made on the website and Facebook as we continue dealing with this invasive species.
Poison Hemlock and Wild Parsnip: Control Them Now!   Link with more information Ohio State
Poison Hemlock is Aggressively Spreading Across Pennsylvania    Link with more information Penn State Extension
Letter From Township Manager Concerning Zoning Hearing On Thursday, July 29, 2021
Posted on Jul 26, 2021
Dear HOA Forum Members,
I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer and hope you had the opportunity to visit Community Days July 8 – 10, it was a great community event! 
The reason for my correspondence is the Township has become aware of a plethora of misinformation being distributed throughout the community regarding a proposed zoning ordinance update.  We work hard to keep the community informed and you as HOA Forum members are an important part of our efforts to share information.  I believe with the current level social media discourse and misinformation, it is important to provide HOA Forum members with the facts.
To be clear, the representations made in some of the initial social media posts is inaccurate and features exaggerated and fabricated statements and figures.
Originally introduced over six months ago, the Board of Supervisor, after receiving some initial resident concerns, directed staff to work with a citizens group who hired their own professional planner to review the proposal. The Board is now considering a revised proposal that is the product of that citizen engagement, including the input and endorsement of our citizen led Planning Advisory Committee.  
Sidewalk Repair & Replacement
Posted on Apr 26, 2021
The HOA Board has selected Berry's Construction and Excavating LLC to do the sidewalk repair, replacement and construction on the sidewalk that the HOA is responsible for maintaining.  For any resident who needs to repair their own sidewalks or perform other concrete or paver projects around their homes, we are providing Marlin Berry's contact information.
Butler County Web Site Link
Posted on Mar 23, 2020
New Cranberry Heights Trail Map
Posted on Mar 23, 2020

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